Eugene's #1 Go Meetup

About Us

All Gophers and curious software professionals are welcome to come discuss Go and related topics.

Go is a Google-funded language for massively-scalable distributed systems that is statically typed and compiled. It has quickly stabilized and is running head-to-head with C++, Java, C#, etc. (The Computer Language Benchmarks Game - Go). However, a larger-than-expected portion of new Gophers is made up of dynamic/interpreted language users who tend to be seeking relief from the cruft in their current languages and/or a more clear future within the horizontally-growing landscape of modern computing.

If you’re building web apps, designing APIs, thrive on scalability, or you’re simply curious about this fun new(ish) language, let’s meetup.

Meetup Details

Book Club Tuesdays 12:00pm to 01:00pm
Presentations First Thursdays 06:30pm to 20:30pm
Hack’N’Chat Last Tuesdays 02:00pm to 09:00pm


Code of Conduct

EUG Go is a member of the Go Developers Group and we defer to the Go Community Code of Conduct